SG10 Solutions Security Blog – National Cyber Security Centre

SG10 Solutions Security Blog – National Cyber Security Centre
February 19, 2017 admin

SG10 Solutions Security Blog – National Cyber Security Centre

This week, short a short walk from the SG10 Solutions West London office Queen Elizabeth opened the National Cyber Security Centre. It is a testament to her longevity that her sixty five year reign the Queen has seen the changing nature of threats to the United Kingdom. She famously remained in London during the Blitz, has seen many of her children and grandchildren serve in the forces and is now cutting the ribbon at a GCHQ centre protecting against digital threats.

The centre was set up to prevent all threats to our national security; attacks on our finance, health care and energy systems, all of which are increasing in intensity, complexity and frequency as time goes by. The GCHQ would no doubt have impressed upon her majesty that the biggest military threat in 2017 to the country is now posed by hackers and key boards.

The new security centre in numbers:

• Cost of £1.8 billion over 5 years
• Responds to 188 threats in the last three months
• Cyber Crime cost the UK £11 billion in 2015
• Anticipates 60 serious attacks per month
• 90% of businesses lack an incident management plan in the event of a security breach

The centre has recruited reformed hackers – all of whom have the boast of how easy they have found it to break into the systems of multi-national companies. These concerns were echoed by the Chancellor Philip Hammond who during the opening speech told the Queen; “”The cyber attacks we are seeing are increasing in their frequency, their severity, and their sophistication”.

Perhaps most frightening of all is that the NHS is the public body which appears most at threat of a cyber security attack. Naturally the new centre and investment from the government is to be welcomed. That said the natural question from a SG10 Solutions recruitment standpoint is where will these cyber experts come from?

Of all technology areas the gulf between supply and demand for security experts is increasing year on year. Whilst this will lead to an increase in salaries which few of our candidates will be concerned about, there is a bigger issue at stake. The country as a whole needs to protect itself from this next generation form of battle. There simply has to be a quick increase in security experts entering the job market at a graduate level to staff the new building at Victoria and ensure that the 90% of unprepared businesses to not learn the hard way.
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