SG10 Solutions Blog – the Danish Hygge

SG10 Solutions Blog – the Danish Hygge
February 27, 2017 admin

Ayush 4SG10 Solutions Blog – the Danish Hygge

This week SG10 Solutions celebrates our first ever placement in Denmark helping a big data tester relocate from Melbourne, Australia to Copenhagen to work at the greenfield big data project of Nordea Bank.

It has been a long journey for our test engineer and he leaves behind a great role, the Melbourne coffee culture and Australian sunshine. So what was it that convinced him to pack up and move to the over side of the world?

The Danes are very proud of what they call Hygge; roughly translated as cosy and comfortable. Essentially it can refer to anything which gives that feeling. In the Winter it can be cold beer, fires and blankets whereas Summer Hygge can comprise of mountain walks, barbeques and boat trips.

How does Hygge appear in the workplace? We very doubt that any of the SG10 Solutions Copenhagen have fires and blankets in log cabin offices though there is definitely a unique approach to the workplace. All companies have a heavy emphasis on work-life balance, hiring personalities to fit the team culture and show huge consideration for childcare arrangements and commute times. On the big data project in question there is a brilliant team environment. Every Friday the bank’s Global Head of Big Data joins the whole team for breakfast. There are also more formal benefits; an annual bonus each May for people to enjoy their holiday seasons.

The results of this are clear for all to see. The Scandinavian region as a whole is reknown for being the start-up capital of Europe. The family-first approach to work is thought to encourage fresher thinking, more innovation and more loyalty from technologists who enjoy their work.

For our big data tester it looks to be another chapter of a promising career.

Good luck Ayush – enjoy the Hygge!

For more about our opportunities in Denmark please contact your SG10 Solutions consultant.

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