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May 1, 2017 admin

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SG10 Solutions not founded with the intention of becoming the biggest recruitment company in the world. We are unlikely to ever become the biggest recruitment company in SW8.

You will also never hear any SG10 Solutions consultant make a claim to want to become the *best* recruitment company in London.

We were however founded on the basis of an unnegotiable obligation to provide an outstanding service.

An outstanding service can take many forms. The most obvious being the pure courtesy of providing feedback, returning phone calls, replying to ad responses. The often neglected definition of service is ensuring that your clients are getting value for the invoices that they pay. And this duty requires a that you apply the headhunting skills levels which genuinely allows them to hunt talent which is not otherwise looking for something new.

Our consultants have always played the long game. Building relationships is the always best way to deal with the talent which only has half an eye on the market. Earning the trust of candidates has always the best way of ensuring that they will give you ten minutes to explain an opportunity in detail. Proving yourself to be a genuine professional is a time honoured method of generating candidate referrals.

And this is where the line in the circle moves back to the importance of service. Based on 8 years of agency recruitment I feel to say that short term success in recruitment is a lottery. Those who find quick and easy wins will find them to be cheaply bought and fickle. In the long term the best recruiters will be those who genuinely care about their candidates and clients alike.

For that reason we welcome the feedback – good and bad. The bad will help us improve. The good allows us to champion our service and keep the faith in our values.

Here are some of our Recruitd reviews to date:

Andrew found a really good job matching my profile and was a valuable advisor before, after and during the recruitment process. I’m happy that he contacted me and gave me an opportunity I didn’t know existed and actually I wasn’t even looking for a new job at that time. Andrew is also really fun and caring person to chat with which considerably facilitated the process! – BI Developer

I have been in contact with several co-workers at SG10SOLUTIONS and immediately felt that these guys stood out as a recruitment company. Overall the experience was more personal and qualitative than most – which later led me to use Andrew from SG10 as my main recruiter when I was looking for something new on the job market here in Stockholm. Intelligent, proactive and with a good un-derstanding of people he has been a real asset in finding interesting alternatives and giving advice along the way. In the end he helped me find my current position which is something of a perfect match – a fact that I am very excited about! I believe these guys are going to get far and would recommend SG10 to anyone in need of a qualitative recruitment service. Data Scientist

To review our services please give feedback here.

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