SG10 Solutions – Q&A -Errol Koolmeister

SG10 Solutions – Q&A -Errol Koolmeister
July 24, 2017 admin

“My Mission is to make this world more data driven …”


Having built a name as a senior data scientist at Nordea Bank and then moving to become Risk & Profitability Lead, Big Data & Advanced Analytics at Vodafone in London, Errol has returned to the Nordics to start Moubi Analytics.  He has joined us for a short Q&A:


Firstly Errol thanks for joining us in the Middle of the vacation season.  You’ve been back in the Swedish Data Science world full-time for few months a now.  How do you believe that it was matured since you have been working in the UK?

Sweden has always been in the forefront in technologies since the early days of ericsson to more recent success stories like Skype, tictail, mojang, truecaller and many more. The shift I have seen recently is that companies have shifted their focus from data as a must to data first. What I am missing still is the AIfirst approach. This means that we put more trust in the hands of machines to take decisions for us not only guide us.

Having been on a break from the Nordics working in a senior role at Vodafone, were there any noticeable differences with the approaches to Data Science of a big name like Vodafone to a big Scandinavian brand like Nordea Bank?

Well big companies are big companies.  It is when the change of the outside is greater than the change of the inside of a company you know the end is near.  Somebody once told me that trying to change a large cooperation is like trying to steer the Titanic heading towards a large iceberg.  If you are successful you will save the ship otherwise you will go under

The SG10 portfolio has a broad range of clients – household names and start-ups.  What advice do you have for start-ups who are considering whether or not to make their first investment in Data Science?

Do not hire a specialist if you are a start-up. You need somebody that is a jack of all trades. A pure mathematician/statistician you will end up with beautiful models that has no connection to your business. Hire somebody that can code, build models and understands the business you are in.  

You are currently involved in your own initiative at Moubi.  What do you believe that you will add to the Data Science world?

Well my mission with my company is to make this world more data driven. I want to ensure the people are treated according to their preference. Why have it any other way?


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